How to Clean Your Children Naturally: A Tutorial

Welcome to the April 2012 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Kids and Personal Care

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have shared stories, tips, and struggles relating to their children’s personal care choices.


Because I have five children, I am often asked if I know what causes this have any parenting tips. Here is my advice on How to Clean Your Children Naturally!

1. Start with Water

Note: Chlorine swimming pools don’t count, only because apparently chlorine is a toxin. Dang. 

Sorry, kids, this does not count as a bath.

Usually I accompany them the bathroom and point at the nozzle, since the phrase, “Please take a shower,” is often met with confused looks, especially by my nine-year-old twin boys. Where is the bathroom, again? I have to use WATER, you say? This is news to me! Inside I’m smiling and thinking about our fairly inexpensive water bill for a family of seven.

2. Check Out Cosmetic Database, Then Take Out a Second Mortgage…

I do like the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website for information on chemicals in products but it can be a little overwhelming. And the products that are the healthiest may be the most expensive and hardest to find locally.

2.5 … Or, Be Prepared to Spend the next Five Hours in Front of the Computer


Cheaper, drugstore type products are listed there. It’s just a challenge to find products that are limited in toxicity and sold at Target.

3. Wonder If Good Mothers Only Use Products With a Rating of 0

Like, will using soap with a rating of 1 or 2 give them a third eye immediately, or will it be slow-growing for the next forty years? 

His mother used mainstream soap, full of dangerous chemicals! (Flickr/Newtown graffiti)

4. Worry about Your Water’s Toxicity

Once you’ve found a cleanser you can live with, this is the obvious next step in concerned parenting.

5. If You Have a Long Haired Child, Hope He or She Has Manageable Hair

There is a reason that my boys have very short hair; I shave them with barber’s #2 razor every month or two. I don’t like dealing with any more hair than is absolutely necessary (and my boys don’t care about their hair, at this point in their lives). However I have three girls, two of whom have long hair. One has completely manageable hair. One has completely unmanageable hair. One is a baby and therefore yet to be determined, but she seems closer to manageable.

The point is, hair manageability seems to be a genetic crapshoot.

My four older kids, about a year ago.

Since my boys have short hair, they just use soap on their hair. The girls need shampoo and sometimes a conditioner, and so it’s back to step 2, this time for hair care products. Sigh.

6. Repeat as necessary

In the winter, or anytime my kids’ skin gets dry or they’re not playing wildly outside and getting sweaty, I’ll skip baths or showers for a few days. In the summer, and when they’re swimming regularly, it’s at least every other night.

***Note: this blog post does not address teeth-brushing, skin-moisturizing, hair-combing, hair-styling, nail-cutting or any other hygiene-related parenting task. It’s JUST cleaning. My new motto is “Parenting: You’ll Never Think Anything is Easy Ever Again.”***


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