Life Gets Fortuitous #allinthetiming

Or is life simply fortuitous? Maybe I mean, things come to fruition. (Both are words/phrases that I stumble over because of the whole FRUIT thing.)

So, last episode ended with our heroine (me!) writing about taking a CNA course and finding work as a certified nurse’s aide or nursing assistant. But! Then! I went to the community college to get the results of my math placement. There I discovered classes had just started the day before. And having already been through university, I knew it would be easy to start on day two, after adding a class or two–

And thus, I re-started my higher education.


To quote an amazing movie, “Let me sum up.” (Also, “Unemployed in Greenland?!?!?!”) The Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) program only accepts students once a year. I thought I’d apply to start in two years. But because I could start classes, like, yesterday, instead of in the fall, that gave me an extra semester to take classes before I apply. Which means I can apply to start in the ADN program next fall, a year before I planned.

I can’t take actual nursing classes until I’m accepted into the program; however I can take the general education classes that ADN students are required to take. Further, this means that I can take one or two classes right now, attending part-time, and by the time I’m in the nursing program I’ll have all my general education requirements done (thanks also to the classes from my undergraduate degree that transferred as general education classes).


Now you maybe wondering three things:

What about being a CNA?
The ADN program requires a CNA, so I will have to take a CNA class, pass it and also pass the state CNA exam. But for right now I’m taking this opportunity to focus on long term goals, so I’m pursuing the nursing program, rather than one CNA class.

How will you pay for it?
Le sigh. The upside is, community college isn’t very expensive; the downside is, anything beyond $5 is very expensive right now. Also, while going only part-time, I don’t qualify for financial aid. So, I’m selling everything I can and using a credit card. Don’t tell Dave Ramsey.

What about child care while you’re in class?
Luckily I’m only going part time. Also, one of my two classes this semester is online, so the only child care I need for that is Netflix. But I have worked out trading childcare with my new friend Jackie, and if that doesn’t work for some reason, I can use a drop-in daycare near the school (one that women I met at book club use and like). I’m hoping I can take as many evening classes as possible starting in the fall.



3 Responses

  1. Best of luck with it. Seems like the fates may be guiding you.

  2. Nursing is a wonderful profession. Good luck!

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