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A Vacation a Year in the Making #vacation

Spring Break 2013! Time to make up for Spring Break 1998, when I got some tattoos!




Became these




The Me + D was to finally fix an old tatt that had an old boyfriend’s initials in it. Yeah. Back when I was a teenager, I did that.

The jug is in honor of my mostly-Charlotte girl friends, my Jugs. (“Mostly Charlotte” because Mary F Poppins is in Oregon and Stitches moved to Fort Mill recently. Miss Manners has always been in Fort Mill.) Although I am beginning to make friends in The Country, I have a long history with my Jugs.

For those who are curious, the term Jugs refers to the fact that we’ve all lactated — no, autocorrect, I don’t mean lacerated! — with many of us nursing our kids for very long periods of time. I’m at 2.5 years with Cousin It, but half of Jugs have nursed for over three years, at least one for four years.

Our other name is Game Night, which is how Jugs began, with three of us getting together to play blokus and gin, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue so easily!

So, a year ago, for my 33rd birthday — an auspicious event because my birth dad didn’t make it past 33 — my parents gave me money to SPEND ON MYSELF. I decided I wanted to take a trip with Miss Manners and any/all Jugs who could go with us. YOUNG KIDS ARE VERY INCONVENIENT FOR PLANNING VACATIONS, so we weren’t sure who else could make it. It ended up Miss Manners, Prom Queen and me. Here are some highlights: eating! Go Ape ropes course! Colonial Williamsburg! Busch Gardens! Khaos Ink Tattoos!


My view from the backseat of a convertible


Colonial Williamsburg


Busch Gardens


Climbing the ropes course






We’re in a tree


I’m really in a tree

We had a fantastic time, and we’re already planning next year’s trip.


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