Benefits of Country Living #countryliving

1. No line at the DMV. I took the kids there because it was on the way home from somewhere and I was done in 10 minutes, including the 3-min stop in the bathroom to pee and then put on lipstick.


2. People are, in general, really nice. A lady behind me in line at Kohl’s gave me a 30% off coupon. Dude. Those are sacred!


3. Parking is free. Clearly I’m a jaded city-dweller, because that pleases me endlessly.


4. I don’t have to use google maps very much. There is one route from my house to go south, and another to go north. Both routes include driving past multiple horse farms and over train tracks. There are no streetlights and it’s dark at night! There’s also another route to Harris Teeter, my home away from home.


5. Finding a part time job shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, the pool of applicants is pretty limited, and thankfully I have some customer service experience.


*** In San Diego, at the DMV, you make an appointment. Then you show up on time and wait. ***


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