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Country Living #countryliving #moving #unpacking

So we moved to a giant house in a tiny little village, right near a small retirement/golf resort town in North Carolina.


The move itself was kind of hellish: Apparently, the moving company and I didn’t adequately communicate about the amount of crap important household items we have, and it took the movers 12 hours to load and unload everything. It rained the entire time they were unloading.

Also, they couldn’t fit everything in their truckS (!!!) so the next day My Chemical Romance had to rent a uhaul and return to our old house, then come back. He paid some Craigslist people to help him load up and I wish we had done that from the beginning, because the movers were so awful.

Moral of the story: have a moving company come to your house and give you a quote before promising they can do a job for a low price :X

But we live in paradise now. On a golf course! On almost two acres!


Unlike in Cary, our neighbors are all older, retired folks. But I think they’ll get a kick out of a young family in the ‘hood.

One neighbor brought us homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. Another neighbor helped unload the 125 gal fish tank. And another neighbor brought us a case of Kleenex.

Um…? It is kind of pollen-y here.

This was in the garage.

The family who owns the house left us lots of furniture and other items, like a weed wacker and kitchen chairs and plenty of extra light bulbs.


The house is so big. I love it! I seriously feel like I’m living in a castle. I still have to figure out my hacks — the house is a little quirky, like it doesn’t have a garbage disposal and the kitchen pantry is small. But I think we’ll love it here.


Especially when I get done unpacking!

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  1. So glad you’re happy! Sounds amazing!

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