What I’ll miss about Cary #cary #moving

My kids have had amazing neighborhood friends here.

The Informant’s first bff was our next door neighbor. They met the day we moved in, and were inseparable until she moved away.

Then, into the same house moved yet another girl about the same age! How lucky is that?!?! And a boy a little older than Animal and Mineral! And teenaged siblings who babysat regularly!

And a mom who helped me pack up this house AND took me to the hospital for two of my kidney surgeries. I’ve never had better neighbors.

Directly behind us was a boy about the same age as Animal and Mineral, who had a sister the same age as My Masterpiece. The two little girls together were adorable!

On that same street was another boy, a couple years older than Animal and Mineral, who I adored because he was polite and helpful.

I have told my kids that my first priority (after unpacking) is finding friends for all of us. Our new house is on two acres, so their new friends may not be quite as close by distance. But I recognize how important having good friends is, so we’ll make an effort.


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