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What we did all week

It’s spring in North Carolina! Suddenly it’s 80*. We went to the park


I got a pic of all five kids (in chronological order, no less!)


We went to free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s.




My friend Lady Beaver came to Raleigh, and we took all the kids to Marbles


Also to the history museum *** this was totally legal, based on the sign***


Everyone was killed by a cannon


But back to the giant canoe


Then my friend’s daughter met Splash and Summer


The day was awesome til Cousin It decided to wash her hair while I was in the bathroom


Screaming ensued, ending our day like many.

Thursday I ignored all things Paleo so we could celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day with this recipe for Sage Fontina Grilled Cheese.

This weekend we’re packing!


4 Responses

  1. What a wonderful day! I love that your two boys almost always have their arms on each other’s shoulder. What a dynamic duo they are.

  2. You were on Judge Judy!

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