Nancy Wilson, Still in Heaven @a2vineyard #nancywilson

Recently I received emails from friends and family members of Nancy Wilson, who I detailed in a blog six months ago, after she died: Nancy Wilson is in Heaven.

I still think of Nancy often; I also think of her husband and her children — the ones I knew personally and the ones I didn’t.

The messages I received reminded me that Nancy had more than her husband and children; she had siblings and family and friends.

And I thought, DUH.

Nancy Wilson had such a capacity for love, that OF COURSE she was surrounded by family and friends — and long-lost friends, and acquaintances, and friends-of-friends, and probably even perfect strangers — who loved her.


I don’t want to memorialize her as perfect, because I’m sure she was as flawed as any human being.



When I think of Nancy, I remember LOVE shined through her: love for every human being she came into contact with (and probably many she didn’t).

Selfishly, the love I appreciated the most was her heart for single moms, because at the time I was a single mom. Being a mom is tough. Single moms carry an especially heavy weight. But, thanks to Nancy’s Single Mom’s Ministry, once a month we single moms were relieved of our duties. Nancy and her team of volunteers would pick up those hardships and just let us celebrate our glorious selves.

That was such a gift. Because of Nancy, I felt VALUABLE. I felt loved. It made a difference in my heart.

Nancy Wilson made a difference in my heart.


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