Moving to the Country #movingtothecountry #countryliving

Things change fast. It seems like yesterday, I lived in San Diego and Animal and Mineral looked like this

20130319-013948.jpgexcept there were two of them and SD never gets cold enough for jackets and hats!

And now we’re moving to a country estate in North Carolina and they look like this


It happened fast. I was browsing zillow, a real estate site, looking for rental houses anywhere but here, and I came across a really amazing house in the country, over an hour from here (but closer to My Chemical Romance’s work). Also, it was huge, and on land.

I called the rental agent immediately, we saw it the next day and I could not say no. Because, huge. And because, downstairs master bedroom. And because, moving an hour away, I will no longer have to wear this in public

Though getting paid to dance on an intersection isn’t a bad gig!

We’re moving next month. I despair of leaving my proximity to Whole Foods Trader Joe’s everywhere, but I’m excited for this new adventure.



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