I surprised my mom with a visit! #breastcancer #doublemastectomy

Rumor has it that I suck at keeping secrets. The thing is, I can keep secrets, I just can’t prove that I can keep secrets because that would involve divulging secrets! 

To wit: I secretly planned a trip to visit my mom after her double mastectomy. When I showed up at her house last Wednesday night, I nearly gave her a heart attack, she was so shocked!

(Note: maybe next time, not quite such a surprise for a woman who’d just had a double mastectomy?) 

I felt nervous about Cousin It — she’s still nursing (of course) and she’s still pretty attached. But! Oliver Stone helped. You see, when Oliver struck, I was away from Cousin It for 24 hours in the hospital and I was in so much pain I just didn’t give a shit that I was away from her. So I really wasn’t too worried. 


We face-timed

Meanwhile, my mom and I had so much fun! I took her out of the house for the first time since her surgery (other than doc appointments), I helped her take baths (she has drains), and we went to the beach (my mom NEVER goes to the beach)!

Also, we met Helio Castroneves


My mom and Helio

I totally played the, “Hey, my mom has breast cancer, would you mind taking a picture?” card, but I don’t think I needed to — he was so obliging and nice!



On the beach after a doctor appointment

My mom also made the ultimate sacrifice: She took me bra shopping. 10 days after she had a double mastectomy. She tried to give me her old bras, but they were too big. So I’m the proud owner of two new bras. 

And she gave My Chemical Romance a really generous gift card as a THANK YOU for taking time off work to stay home with the kids. He was all, “Psht, it’s my job!” but I know he really appreciated it. 

Also, I cooked like a mad woman while I was there. It was nice to cook for people who appreciate my mad culinary skillz. (No, I didn’t miss my kids at all in that respect!) 

It’s been four years since I took a “vacation” on my own without kids, and I’m not sure I’ll get another chance again for four or five years, but visiting my mom will sustain me with great memories of fun! And sleep! And swimming with Ducky!


Ducky the Duck



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  1. That is a wonderful story and I am so glad that you shared it. Truly you are blessed…by having a husband who would step up, children who can survive a without you, even though they really depend on you every day, and finally, a mother who has survived an extraordinary ordeal. You are a wonderful daughter and a great human being!

    Marcia Magically sent from my iPad

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