Quiet Week #weekinreview

Well it’s never QUIET around here, but it’s been less-than-crazy. Maybe because it’s kind of cold outside now, like a real winter, and I don’t want to run around like a chicken? Global Warming is crazy, y’all.

Actually I think the main difference is that this week was a little more scheduled than usual, so that helped keep things from going the usual bat-shit insane.

Animal and Mineral came back from visiting my parents. They had an awesome time, and I loved a break with “only” three kids! (Srsly. It makes a huge difference.) Then they turned ten. I can’t freaking believe that.

I want to re-do this picture with them as 10yos

Oh, we were all young and tired.

Oh, we were all young and tired.

Update on being Paleo (although we do have a little dairy, so that makes us more Primal, but the dairy we use is goat milk, so that makes us Primal + Casein-Free) it was really difficult at first, especially on the kids. Now we’re all getting more used to it. It’s been over a week and they’ve stopped begging for bread. In related news, I haven’t been this weight before my pregnancy with Cousin It. Wednesday I bought a pair of size six skinny jeans.

Right now we’re also going shoe-free inside the house. (Animal: WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS CHANGING THE RULES ON US?!?!?!) It started because I usually wear my Toms at work, but then my feet hurt. Last week I wore my Keens (the winter boots that Prom Queen say make it look like humpback whales are biting my feet) and my feet didn’t hurt at all. So I started looking up shoes that are comfy for long days of standing, it somehow linked an article about barefoot shoes and then hours later, down the rabbit hole that is looking up shit on the interwebz, I found myself reading about the benefits of not wearing shoes in the house. (This is why, upon my death, I have strict instructions that my browser history on all my devices be cleared IMMEDIATELY. Preferably by a professional.)

The offending boots.

The offending boots.

Aren't my "friends" great?!?!?

Aren’t my “friends” great?!?!?

So I found a lovely bench with storage on Craigslist, and now we have a shoe-free house. I’m mostly hoping that there will be less dirt for me the kids to sweep.


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  1. one word: SLIPPERS

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