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First Paleo Morning #Paleo #grainfree

First I ate everything, and I was fat.

Then I had weight-loss surgery, but I still ate everything (in small portions), and I was skinny. 

Then I noticed that certain things made me feel bad (pasta, milk) and I sometimes avoided them — but sometimes I didn’t avoid them, and my poor delicate ass paid the price. And I was still skinny, but after pregnancy with Cousin It, I was less skinny.

Then Miss Manners went Paleo, and she suggested I try Gluten-Free for Mineral, who has severe ADHD and some other mood disorder. At first I was all NO WAY NO HOW WE CAN’T POSSIBLY. But then I realized that most chocolate is gluten-free, and so I could do it. Mineral’s behavior improved slightly — and my stomach improved a LOT. I still wasn’t quite skinny. But gluten-free proved way easier than I thought. 

Then I started reading about Casein-Free (the protein in cow’s milk) because being BOTH gluten-free and casein-free is a common dietary change that helps kids who have ADHD. Several people suggested it but it really took a while for me to seriously consider it.

Then My Chemical Romance suggested we try Paleo. Wait, what? What’s Paleo? Paleo is can be summed up by this lovely graphic. (No grains, legumes, dairy.) Image


So, since Paleo is simply a step beyond gluten-free and casein-free, I’ve decided to try it — and by “I”, I mean the kids and I (and MCR for dinner. He’s still eating some grains to get them out of the house. I’m tossing what the kids try to sneak, because they’re a little freaked).

I’ve found a LOT of great Paleo recipes on Pinterest — plus tons of my friends on Facebook (mostly in Charlotte) are Paleo or Primal (which is Paleo + dairy). 

This is day one, and it seems okay. Mostly thanks to bacon.


(imgur: bacon and eggs cupcakes!)

Questions about Paleo? Here are some answers.

One Response

  1. I was just considering this very thing today … but dairy and I get along just peachy so I am going to try lacto-paleo (I think I just invented that term – woot!). I’ve been paying close attention to my body over the past year, or rather, my body has been grabbing me by the collar and yelling at me over the past year, and what I can eat / will eat has become pretty much paleo by chance … or by design I guess if you believe the theory behind paleo, though I must have had some major pastoralists in my ancestry because dairy suits me very, very well.

    Eggs do not suit me at all – your picture actually made me shuddery – which is tragic because we raise our own chickens. We also get fresh milk delivered, which is 1000% better than store-bought, and we’re starting to raise our own rabbits. Oh yes, we do live in the city, but we’re west coast so we’re pretty typical actually. Except for the rabbits – that’s a little more fringe. But hey, fresh meat!

    One thing I will say is that I really believe it’s important to listen to your own body rather than follow a specific “diet” – I am not GF but at the end of the day I actually eat very little gluten because it just doesn’t appeal. But I’m not going to go out of my way to avoid it – I’ll eat a little here and there. I think that takes some of the stress out of having to follow diets to the letter or carry special food with you (though I’m sure you have plenty of experience with both since your surgery).

    Good luck – and keep posting recipes!

    PS I think maybe I’ll try lacto-quinoa-paleo since I do like quinoa and it’s such a good source of protein. Another new term, yay me!

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