Dreams Come True #dreamcometrue #kindle #paperwhite

Animal and Mineral’s birthday is on Friday. I received an email from Amazon this morning with the subject “Happy  Birthday,” and I assumed it was for them. A gift from a relative because even though they’re going to be 10, they are way behind other 10-year-olds and don’t have email addresses. Nor do they have cell phones.

But! No! I read the email and it said, Happy early Birthday love mom and it was for a KINDLE PAPERWHITE.



Oh my GOD, you guys! My birthday isn’t even until MAY!

And what is a Kindle Paperwhite, you may ask? Let me tell you!

It’s a dedicated reader — not a tablet, not like a Fire or iPad — and it’s backlit. It’s back-lit! You can read in the dark, without a light shining on! It has 221ppi which allegedly means something about pixels! You can choose from six fonts! It’s a touch-pad!

I am so freaking excited. SO EXCITED. I’m having a hard time not using shouty-caps for everything! I cannot wait to read on it! I seriously think it may improve the state of my marriage, since My Chemical Romance likes to go to bed at 9pm and I like to go to bed at 12am 1am 2am 11pm after reading with the light on.

Also, remember my Vision Board Affirmation Board for 2013? A Kindle was totally on it and it’s only January 23 and I’ve already received it! I can’t wait for all of my other dreams to come true!



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  1. Um, it’s not back-lit. Your iPhone is back-lit. That’s why your phone is hard to see well in bright sunlight. The Paperwhite is front-lit with a special, patented light screen. That’s what makes it amazing. It glows toward the “page”, not toward your eyes!

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