My Arse Recovers #analsurgery

I survived! I am okay!

I don’t know if it’s because I had a better surgeon or a less-serious issue or I was more prepared, but I rocked assurgery #2.

Maybe if I hadn’t had assurgery #1, aka the most painful experience ever, I would complain more, but compared to that, this recovery is not bad at all.


I’m sore and I’m tender, but I can walk and sit without pain. I am not setting my alarm for the middle of the night to take painkillers, for fear of waking up in agony.

Thank you for kind thoughts and words via the interwebz. I appreciate it. I was really scared, and knowing I had people BEHIND ME helped lift my spirits.

To end, I beseech you all to take care of your asses. I have no primer for how to prevent ass issues, but… here goes a few tips. Try to be gentle with your ass, and avoid foods that irritate it. Use wet wipes that don’t contain alcohol. Take sitz baths if your ass hurts. Take a great probiotic daily (I take VSL3). Drink lots of water. Maybe get a footrest to put near your toilet.

My ass is completely deformed now, but if Hustler contacts me, I’ll just make sure they can photoshop.



7 Responses

  1. Glad to hear you are recovering better this time!!

  2. So glad your recovery is better this time!! Your poor butt.

  3. Also: no more Cinco? How come?? Or maybe I missed an explanation; I’m behind in my blog reading cuz of Christmas and Barfgate, which coincided this year.

  4. Also #2: although we both think Canada rocks? You would have waited about a year for that surgery here. Just sayin’. =) America has its benefits

  5. […] celebrating Christmas/Cousin It’s birthday, nothing really changed during the holidays except my ass got smaller. My Chemical Romance went back to work on January 2. Here are some quotes from a typical day at my […]

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