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2013 Vision and Affirmation Board #visionboard #newyearseve

Here’s my mostly-affirmations vision board for 2013


Attention (world), Now is the time. Donate, write, let go, love, hang out with the family, discover, listen, share.

(Re: my book) Sensational epic book success. #1 New York Times best selling author has arrived. “This warrants a 5-star rating… if I could add another star I would.” Fresh perspective. Endlessly brilliant.

Start somewhere. Writing and e- reading. Solve problems. Get results. Vision.

(Things I want) Amazon Kindle, thicker hair, a better night’s sleep, education, harmony, organization, confidence, grace, energy, radiance.

Simple wisdom from women (with a visual of four women hiking).

(On top of kissing lips) perseverance, partnership, and a fierce passion.

Fortune, It will start with me (on top of a picture of a lot of green).

2 Responses

  1. I love it! And even though I don’t drink, I totally want to make those!
    This might be my year to break out a vision board too.

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