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My Love Language: Words of Affirmation

One of the many running jokes between my best friends (Jugs) and I involves my asking for personal affirmations during my homebirth with Cousin It, and then criticizing the affirmations I received and demanding better ones. Hey, I was in labor!


My Love Language is definitely “words of affirmation.” That’s a difficult LL for someone like me — prone to anxiety over things like whether or not I’ll be able to renew my library books because two weeks is simply not enough time to read them –to accept.

It feels like I’m fishing for compliments.

It feels like I have low self esteem.

It feels like I’m allowing others’ opinions to influence me.


2012 hasn’t been my favorite year, mainly because I’m having my SECOND ass surgery in a calendar year on December 31. Also, I haven’t gotten to visit Charlotte as much as I’ve wanted, Cousin It still doesn’t sleep through the night and I’m not back in my pre-pregnancy size six jeans. Nor my size four jeans!

I decided to do a Vision Board for 2013. After all, while single and pregnant with Animal and Mineral 10 years ago, I wrote down that I wanted to meet someone who would be a good husband and father AND have dark hair. Six months later I married My Chemical Romance, who I didn’t even know at the time I wrote the note.

(Aside: I once saw a GI doc in Charlotte who I thought was so cute and when Miss Manners had a stomach problem, I suggested she see him. After her appointment, I said, “Wasn’t he CUTE?!?!?” She said, “He’s okay; you only think he’s cute because he looks like the Indian version of your husband.” She was totally right — I hadn’t even realized it!)

A Vision Board is comprised of images that represent what you want to attract in terms of health, career, relationships, personal time, everything. So I took out my magazines and started looking for images that show what I want for myself. A clean house? Published book? Size four jeans?


I found myself cutting out words and phrases instead:


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Right Frame of Mind

A Better Night’s Sleep

Fuller, Thicker Hair

Because that’s how my brain works: by words. Preferably of affirmation.

Then, still being me, I got anxious about it, like, oh crap, a vision board is supposed to be about IMAGES! But, still being me, I decided FUCK THAT SHIT!

So, instead I have a 2013 Affirmations Board.

Have you ever done a Vision Board or Affirmation Board? Are you thinking of doing one for 2013?

Comments? Thoughts? Streams of Consciousness?

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