Blogger Response to Tragedy

I think it’s natural for us “navel gazers” aka mommybloggers to want to respond to controversies, especially regarding news that pertains to families.

After Duchess Catherine went to a hospital with hyperemesis gravidum, I wrote a blog (unpublished) about my experience with hg that basically said, I had it with Animal and Mineral, it totally sucked, I was miserable, I threw up in every bathroom in the city I lived in, being awake was horrible, I spent a lot of time in the ER getting fluids and I burst all the blood vessels around my eyes. Ew.

If she goes on bedrest, I can address my experience with that too (a mixture of relaxingly enjoyable and boring, although I think nowadays with e-readers, Netflix, Hulu, more availability of laptops, it might be more fun, less boring. I am grateful I didn’t have other kids to worry about, which would have made it stressful.)

A lot of mommy bloggers have referenced the recent tragedy involving children.


On one hand, I’m thinking about it — a lot — and on the other, I have nothing to say. What can I say? It was a tragedy, it makes me feel sad and ill (and given my political beliefs, angry) and confused, I question the world; and God or Goddess or Universe. It’s nothing new. My point of view isn’t unique.

I’m a little wary of mommybloggers who are capitalizing (for lack of a better word, I don’t think that’s the right word) on it.

Or making it about them and their experience.

I honor (respect), every family who has lost a child.

I empathize with families who have mental illness among their family members.

I hope I never have to experience any part of a tragedy myself. I further hope that nobody I care about or even know personally goes through anything horrible. (That’s probably too much to hope for.)

And while tragedy is tragedy is tragedy, each person affected is going through their own experience. I can’t bring anything to the table except, I’m sorry.


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