My endometrial Ablation

Don’t hate; ablate!

Miss Manners was the first person who told me about endometrial ablation. It’s a procedure where the uterine lining is destroyed, in a variety of ways.

My periods weren’t awful, but since they came back after pregnancy and nursing (which I’m still doing), my anemia has been bad. Bleeding every month doesn’t help.

So I started looking into it.

If you search online for Endometrial Ablation, you will find all kinds of crazy shit — but that’s the interwebz. Actually you’ll find lots of women complaining about complications. I was a little nervous about that, until further reading showed that most of the women with complications also had PCOS, or endometriosis or uterine cysts, and weren’t vetted well.

I was well-vetted.

I met with an Ob/Gyn who explained the procedure to me. (She does the Novasure procedure.) Then she had me get a transvaginal ultrasound to look for abnormalities. Then I came back to have some cervical and uterine tissue sampled for pathology. Once all that looked clear and good, I had another appointment to go over all the details and complications again.

Goodbye forever (I hope!) (credit: The Feminist Breeder)

The night before surgery, I inserted a Cytotec to help soften and dilate my cervix. The next morning my dad drove me to the hospital. All my vitals were checked and I was given IV sedation.

I woke up 30 minute later, talking about Stitches.

For the next three or four hours, I had severe cramps. They felt more like labor cramps than menstrual cramps. I took some painkillers and slept.

When I woke up, I felt fine. Completely fine. No cramps. No side effects. It was Thangsgiving eve, and I made mashed potatoes and a flour less chocolate torte.

Since then, I’ve continued to feel fine. No cramps. No pain. Some (expected) discharge.

So that’s been my experience. According to the Novasure site, it will take three cycles for my body to adjust and then I’ll find out if my periods are gone or just greatly diminished.

Hello, gorgeous cloth pads!


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