NaNoWriMo 2012: WINNER

I won!

Did you ever doubt you would win? 

No, but I think my husband got tired of working all day and coming home to a messier-than-usual house and no plans for dinner while I was busy mumbling at the computer monitor and the kids were running amok.

How did you do it?

I never hit delete. NEVER. Okay, exceedingly rarely. Like, only under absolute duress. If something weird comes out of my fingers, I just go with it. After a while, I kind of had a nice rhythm going, especially between two of my characters.

Any advice?

Try to stay above the fold. You have to average 1667 words per day to win in 30 days. I probably averaged 2500 or 3000 words per day. I finished on Day 19. If you stay above the fold, you have some leeway if you need to take a break to have surgery or host Thanksgiving or something.

Don’t let excuses get you down. November only comes once every 12 months — for 30 days, you can let things go. It will all still be there in December.

Also, I didn’t read anything more than a magazine while I was writing. I didn’t want to accidentally start cribbing from someone or something. (I did sometimes go back and read sex scenes by Abbi Glines and CJ Roberts to give me some ideas. I did not go back and read anything by EL James.)

What’s your novel about?

About a guy in a coma whose ex-girlfriend goes to visit him. Eventually he wakes up with no memory of his past. He pursues a friendship with his ex-girlfriend, much to the chagrin of his best friend and his fiance.

What are you going to do now?

I’m going to publish it.

First I’m going to edit the shit out of it. Then I’m going to edit it again. And probably a few more times for good measure. I like the skeleton of the novel, but writing a novel in 30 days doesn’t exactly inspire Thorough-like turns of phrase. It needs a lot of work. After I edit it, I’m going to hire a professional or three to edit it, and then I’m going to do my due diligence and publish it.

Can I read it?

Right now just two Jugs are reading it, plus NaNolia (hey, Alia! You finally got a nickname!) who reads my NaNo every year. It’s a really rough draft and I don’t think it accurately represents me as a writer YET. You can totally read it when I publish it. My goal is to have it published by Dec 2013. I think that’s totally attainable.


2 Responses

  1. Is a “Thorough-like turn of phrase” anything like a “Thoreau-like turn of phrase”? Or is it something different entirely?

    I am totally wanting to read your book when I finish the two books I’m currently reading… which at this rate will be… realistically…. probably January.

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