Two Conversations

And the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Conversation one

My Chemical Romance: “Where is my doctor appointment?”

Me: “On the corner of Main Street and Elm Street.”

MCR: “Huh?”

Me: “You know, you take First Ave to Second Blvd and turn right, then go about a mile down and make a left on AWESOME STREET, then it’s just on the corner of May Mile and Sea Street…”

MCR: “Oh! You mean it’s across from Discount Tire. I know exactly how to get there.”

Me: “Of course that’s your reference point.”

Conversation Two

Vegan Bridezilla, my coworker, just got married: “Do you ever–?”

Me: “Yes. Probably. I don’t know.”

VB: “You know, when you’re sitting there with your spouse watching TV or something, and you think to yourself, ‘You are so cute. We should get married.’ Then you realize, ‘oh, we are married!'”


VB: “Oh.”

And now the cutest series of pictures in history. I present you, My Chemical Romance Puts Cousin It’s Hair in Pig Tails. (Yes, he did her hair in the kitchen. Don’t judge. It’s probably the most hygienic thing we do in the kitchen.)







5 Responses

  1. Sweet

  2. Awesome! I love that conversation about How To Get There– hilarious! Very symbolic of marriage as a whole. =) And Vegan Bridezilla? HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Yeah, nope. Come back in ten years and tell me some different stories.
    I love how you tell stories rather than just discuss life. It’s perfect. And I just saw a blog post yesterday by a dad on how there should really be a handbook for dads on how to do braids.
    The first time I got my husband to do my daughter’s hair (after 9 years and 3 boys this was the first time–she was 1 year old) it took him about 10 minutes and lots of running water, and then she looked like a scarecrow, and he looked defeated. It was hysterical. I just figured pigtails was a life skill everyone knew how to do. WHY would I think that?
    Cousin It looks very presentable. I’m impressed. =)

  3. Ha! I love the grins. I have fond memories of my dad doing (trying to do) my hair!

  4. I do the “we should get married” thing. What can I say. I’m sappy.

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