I Survived My First Camping Trip

I’m typing this from the comfort of my bed, thank goodness. That is to say, I survived camping this weekend.

I have never really YEARNED to camp, but I promised My Chemical Romance that when we left BSA and joined Navigators USA, I’d be more involved.

I admit, when I first arrived I felt underwhelmed. The bathroom was a HIKE away and the weather was cold and windy (what we got from the Frankenstorm). The Informant immediately took Maizey into the lake, so she was wet and muddy. I had my monthly visitor. These were not ideal camping circumstances.

It was cold!

But! The six person tent was nice and I had a cot, which, while unbelievably uncomfortable, was still probably more comfortable than the “inflatable” “mattresses.” My Chemical Romance made me hot chocolate. The girls went to sleep easily, and I’d taken klonopin in the hopes of joining them.

Unfortunately the night was miserable. I was cold, I had up pee a bunch of times and Buffalo kept waking up.

Things were better in the morning. I had more hot chocolate, I ate bacon cooked over an open flame and everyone agreed that we wouldn’t stay another night.

Bacon makes everything better.

I got to know some of the parents. Because Navigators is an INCLUSIVE organization, there were many families: two moms; two dads; a mom and a dad; single moms; single dads. The atmosphere was more relaxed and easygoing than I’d ever felt in BSA. In BSA, I noted a lot of competitive feelings and, just, like, testosterone running rampant. Navigators USA felt more natural.

We didn’t have a lot of planned activities. We picked up litter around the beach and separated it into trash and recycling. We made meals with gluten- free, vegetarian AND vegan options. The park rangers came and talked to us about what they do and the different types of nature around us. Then we left!

20121028-214351.jpgPicking up trash.

I think I might like camping better under slightly better circumstances. I’ll go again.


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  1. I’m proud of you.

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