Get a Job! Bond with Your Dog!

Because I work at a holistic pet supply store, I can bring Maizey to work. And I do, every day. She entertains customers and when it’s slow I throw a tennis ball around for her.

Occasionally she exhibits some dog-shaming behaviors.


Mostly she sits by the door and watches people. She totally ignores the bird.

Since I’ve been bringing her to work, there’s been a change in her usual aloof behavior: she HEARTS me. I assume this is because we’re now spending 20h per week by ourselves. She used to love My Chemical Romance. No more. Now she follows me around the house, including into the bathroom.

However, she wants us to have a secret relationship — so that she can ignore me completely when there’s another dog around.


That’s her with Bruce. He is an AKC Champion English Mastiff, who weighs 240 lbs.

There she is, being submissive to Dollar.

She’s modeling a winter jacket.

She also hates me when I dremel her nails.


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