Going Camping

I’m going camping with Navigators, the inclusive scouting organization we’re involved with.

I’ve never been camping.

I went to camp for many summers, but I was younger and not so high maintenance. I probably didn’t care about sleeping or showering.

20121024-081309.jpgI bring nitrate-free bacon everywhere I go!

But really I’m just concerned about a few things:

1. Sleeping
2. Bathroom facilities
3. The post-camping situation

SLEEPING because I’m not sure how comfortable it will be. We have these things to put on the ground — “inflatable” “mattresses” — but still. I’m just not sure how much comfort they will actually provide. Plus I’m sharing a tent with My Chemical Romance, the three girls and Maizey.

20121024-081101.jpgwe get our own two-person tent!

BATHROOM FACILITIES because I don’t have intestines like normal people, so I really prefer my own toilet. I think everyone else in the world would prefer that too.

POST CAMPING because that’s where the real chaos starts. Usually I stay home with the baby, and My Chemical Romance and the four kids burst through the door on Sunday: tired, dirty, smelly and grouchy. There’s tons of laundry and camp dishes to clean. My Chemical Romance has to leave out all the gear to dry/air out, so the garage becomes unusable. Someone has always wet their sleeping bag, and everyone’s shoes are muddy. It’s not fun.

Oh, and after camping on Sunday, I have to go directly to work.



One Response

  1. I love the pix at the end of Allegra’s arm around Rory and Rory’s arm around Tiger..So sweet

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