Where I Buy

This month marks five years of boycotting Wal M@rt. We boycott because of the way they treat their employees, their dependence on Chinese manufacturing plants and environmental hazards that they cover up.

And yet.

And yet, they give large donations to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

And yet, as they buy/sell more organic and free range, organic and free-range food becomes more visible to consumers, and hopefully the demand will increase.

20121019-080940.jpgWe want organic!

And yet I shop at their competitors weekly, and I don’t think they’re much better.

Le sigh.

This is a first-world problem, but it’s a problem nonetheless. I prefer to support smaller family-owned organizations — yet with a family of seven, those can be outside my budget. (Actually, EVERYTHING is outside my budget. We’re trying to stay afloat until My Chemical Romance gets a bonus next year. It’s difficult and stressful.)

20121019-080440.jpgI’ve been working a lot lately.

I want to boycott huge conglomerates altogether, but that’s impossible, so instead I do the best I can and feel guilty about the rest.

What I do

1. Partake in a CSA/co-op with all local produce and meat. Buy everything I can at Trader Joe’s, where the prices are reasonable. Reserve Whole Foods for niche items I can’t find elsewhere (like Fage full-fat yogurt omgitssogood).
2. Get clothes at resale/goodwill
3. Buy kids toys from Craigslist. Some may be plastic, but at least they’re already-used plastic, and, given my family, they’ll continue to be used for a while.
4. Buy wooden and local toys where possible

20121019-080741.jpgWooden toy!

At the fair this week I bought some Christmas presents from a local wood maker. I also bought myself a DO-NOTHING. I’m going to use it as a stress-relief thing, and maybe I can relax a little.


2 Responses

  1. I’m so in alignment with you. We’ve boycotted Walmart for as long as I can remember. At least 10 years now… but I have the same confusion. I just recently heard about more that Walmart does “for the good”.
    And I love your alternatives. We’ve found yard sales/garage sales and craig’s list to be amazing places to get toys. Lots of good quality ones actually. And I’m all about supporting small businesses and handmade. But, I have only one child.
    What you manage is miraculous!!!!

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