Recertifying as a CPST

I’m a Child Passenger Safety Tech, in addition to being a wife, mom of five homeschoolers, dog-and-guinea-pigs-owner and worker bee at a holistic pet supply store.

(See what I did there? Bee! At a pet store!)

Lately I’ve been thinking about whether or not I want to continue with my CPST. I became certified three years ago, and recertified a year ago. I became a CPST for several reasons:

1. I had an online friend who was OBSESSED with child passenger safety and she really got me into it

2. My Chemical Romance and I were hit by a drunk driver when I was pregnant with The Informant, and although we were not seriously injured — and the boys weren’t even in the car — I started thinking more about child passenger safety

Pregnant with The Informant, 2005.

3. I was an apprentice midwife and a doula and thought it could help my clients.

I’m interested in child passenger safety for the same reason I’m interested (somewhat) in cars: the Innovations. I’m interested in how mechanics work (sort of; as it relates to ME; not, like, physics). I think it’s cool to see how many safety features can get put in a car or child restraint — and yet you don’t actually NEED all of them, but some of them are pretty amazing.

I asked My Chemical Romance if he’s sad that we’re not having more babies and he said no. I said no — but think of all the cool car seats I’m going to miss! I don’t even need a Foonf!

Foonf (credit:

Animal is in a backless booster after his long torso outgrew the highest high-back booster; Mineral is in a high-back booster. The Informant is in a Combination seat (forward-facing) although as My Masterpiece is rapidly getting too tall for her Convertible (which she rides in forward-facing), she’s going to move to The Informant’s seat and I’ll put The Informant in a high back booster. Maybe when she’s eight. Buffalo is in a convertible rear-facing.

My other reason for interest in car-seat safety is simple: The world can be dangerous. I’m a VERY free-range mom because I don’t want to shelter them, but I do worry like every other mom. There’s very little concrete stuff I can do to protect them from life, but I CAN keep them in the safest car seats possible.

Anyway, just as I was thinking about whether or not I should recertify — it’s time consuming and I rarely actually **use** my CPST info — I was invited (as part of a groupwide email) to participate as a CPST at a car seat check event. That’s part of my recertification — the most difficult part to accomplish; the rest can be done online — so I did it, and now I’m almost re-certified. I’ll keep the four initials behind my name!


5 Responses

  1. Wait a minute? Who is Buffalo?

  2. She was cousin it as well wasn’t she? I liked cousin it.

  3. Well, carseats are probably the best thing you can do in terms of safety. Most moms are scared of abductions, poisoned Halloween candy, getting lost on the way to the corner store, or something — and yet these are so rare. The most common dangers for kids are car accidents, drowning, and choking. Cover those, and your kids are WAY safer, hopefully without restricting their freedom much.

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