I dipped my toe into erotica

(Not in a toe-fetish way. Because, EW.)

I read an erotic book. I really liked it. I’ve been talking about it on my personal Facebook NONSTOP since I finished it. And very few of my friends will read it. Why? Why?? Why???

It’s called Captive in the Dark and just because the plot revolves around sex slavery, kidnapping, prostitution and DUBIOUS consent–

Nice-Nice said, “It sounds a rapey. I’ll pass.”

Prom Queen said: “It sounds horrible!”

Miss Manners said: “Barf.”

Mary F. Poppins said: “Are you sure I’LL like it?” (What does she think the F. stands for, anyway?)

Here is my 5-star review from Amazon:

IF you can get past the very violent, sadistic, graphic and extreme sex, I’d highly recommend this book. I realize many people will be completely turned off. Personally, I just kept an open mind. I’m aware there are lots of strange sexual proclivities in the world, and this is FICTION.

Most of my friends refuse to read it. Their loss!

All that said: this book is really intense, creative, unique and hot. The author really shot for the moon with her characters and plot — and she got there. The story is gripping. Even though the plot was completely foreign to me, I could follow it. Even though most of the characters are reprehensible, they’re also strangely relatable. All human beings understand the feelings of loss, captivity, lust, love, hate, shame — even if they don’t experience these things in such a physical way as the characters.

There were some comma issues, which I described in the review, but they didn’t detract much from the story. It was like watching a porn with a plot (not that I’ve ever seen a porn WITH A PLOT). Hard to look away.

I’ve clearly gone straight into freak mode. If there are more books like this out there, I’m okay with it!


4 Responses

  1. Ew. Kudos, but not for me =)

  2. I think I need to read it now. Except the comma issues are turning me off.

  3. Try books by Shayla Black. Basically porn for women (i.e. with a plot), written from the woman’s point of view.

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