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What I’m Feeding My Dog

On weekends, I work at a holistic pet supply store. The only animals we sell are hermit crabs and Betta fish. (When I’m not accidentally killing them.) The best part of my job is bringing Maizey. She gets exercise, she gets socialized — she gets to steal expensive chew toys.

I just love her — and we’ve really bonded as we’re spending up to 25 hours a week together.


My store sells the following brands: Diamond, Chicken Soup, Taste of the Wild, Precise, Nature’s Variety, Blue, Merrick’s, Canidae, Primal, SoJo, Earthborn Holistic, Wellness, Honest Kitchen, Fromm, Orijen, Acana and Natura brands (California Natural, Innova, Evo, Karma).

If I could afford it, I’d feed her only Nature’s Variety Instinct (raw) or Orijen (dry). I’d potentially throw in some Honest Kitchen as a supplement.

But, even with a job at a holistic pet supply store, I can’t afford to feed her $3/lb or $4/lb food! Once in a while, but rarely.

I often get asked what I recommend and why. Here’s a short list:

If a dog has allergies, I recommend California Natural because it has few ingredients.

If you want a basic grain-free dry food at a good price, go with Taste of the Wild.

If you want a food that’s grain-free and very high in protein, I suggest Evo or Earthborn Holistic.

If you want a food that’s higher quality than grocery-store but cheaper than the high-end stuff, get Chicken Soup or Diamond.

Innova is a good brand that I’ve recommended to my mom. Merrick too.

Precise contains probiotics and has a pork protein type. Canidae is another great brand, with chelated vitamins.

The platinum standard, of course, is Orijen. It’s human-grade, high protein, low carb, and made with local (Canada) free-range protein. Acana is slightly lower protein but made in the same plant.

Maizey eats Fromm grain-free Beef Frittata. She’s probably tried every brand we have, and we can agree on Fromm. It’s a small, independent company that has never been recalled. It has probiotics and chelated vitamins. And she LIKES it.

Maizey is a very selective eater — when she was a puppy, I could hardly keep weight on her — and she enjoys Fromm. Almost as much as Orijen.



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