Library book Trauma

These are my boys, Animal and Mineral, at homeschool 4-H. They’re learning robotics, and they made trebuchets.


They do not usually dress alike.

Here is a book I took out from the library, because I’m trying to tamper down my Kindle addiction

(credit: Goodreads)

This is me. I asked the boys to take a bag full of overdue library books out to my car. My car was parked on the street


This is where the book ended up. It is not my car.

It is a drainage ditch

This is the weather this week



5 Responses

  1. Those are some expensive library book! Have you check to see if you can borrow library books on kindle. Even my rural library is doing this now.

  2. Ohhhhhh, that sucks. :/

  3. Ugh, my sympathies. We have a damaged book this week too. It was brought on a road trip, ended up on the floor under the many layers of crap the kids drop during a trip. So not only is it very creased, wrinkled and discolored, but it has actual mold on the back. It is a youth paperback, so I’m hoping the cost will be low.

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