Light at the End of the Tunnel

Scene: I’d just gotten home from work.

I was sitting on the couch with Tax Deduction Porcelain Buffalo, nursing and watching the guinea pigs chew on their timber hideaway. She was naked because that’s how she rolls. Suddenly she stood up and started crossing her legs. I suggested to My Chemical Romance that he sit her on the toilet, because I’m lazy and wanted to keep sitting on the couch this could totally be the moment she uses the toilet for the first time. I’ve sat her on the toilet for months, and I’ve been sitting her on the Baby Bjorn little potty for over a year. Nothing. Nada. Dry bowl.


But with him, she did it. She totally did it. She totally peed in the toilet!

I see a time without diapers — except for My Masterpiece who is masterful at wetting the bed a LOT every single night — in my future. Maybe far in the future, but I can see it!



One Response

  1. I can see that light, too! Except my Porcelain equivalent hasn’t yet peed in the toilet. She tells us “Pee!” and pats her diaper when she goes, though, so it’s not far away. Crossing fingerssssssss! I was browsing cloth diaper sites yesterday and it occurred to me that for the first time in ten years, a new cloth diaper may not be such a good investment for me at this point. (!!!!) What a revelation!
    And I have an 8 yr old bedwetter: I feel ya.
    Anyways; LIGHT at the end of the TUNNEL!! *happy dance*

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