What Happens at Work

I work at a holistic pet food store four days/week. I bring Maizey to work with me.

I do not bring the guinea pigs.

Sorry girls.

I work with a Military Macaw who talks.

“Hello, Birdy!”

When I vacuum the floor, Maizey does this:

While I’m stocking shelves, she does this

“I’m queen of the dog food!”

Or this

Still here. Still queen.

Sometimes the bird comes out of his cage to say hi

Then the bird and Maizey chase each other around


After Maizey gets tired of that, she takes a nap


Or steals expensive chew toys off the shelves

“My mom works at a holistic pet food store — I stole this bully roll. It cost 2 hours of work!” (Bully roll is 4′ long.)

While the bird continues to terrorize any potential customers plot his escape

“Please open the door and come in!”

That is my typical afternoon/evening at work.


One Response

  1. Sounds like a children’s book.:)

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