Third Shift Family

For three weeks a year, My Chemical Romance is on third shift. He works Sunday night through Friday morning, from 10p – 8a.

It is not fun.

It’s weird and the kids are all, WTF?!?!? Where’s dad? Is he at work? Home and sleeping? WE WANT TO SEE HIM!!! WHERE ARE YOU HIDING HIM?!?!?

He’s around, sort of, looking bleary eyed and confused when he finally does emerge.

Third shift seems really unnatural. I worked it for a few months at Kinkos after I graduated and I couldn’t get used to it.

I love staying up late, and I can’t seem to break myself of that habit, but I’m not entirely nocturnal. I am fine with getting up early — as long as I get a nap in the afternoon, preferably while the baby is sleeping.

She, however, wasn’t sleeping much this week. Nor was Mineral, whose ADHD medication keeps him wide-eyed and hunger-oppressed.

It was not a fun week and I’m glad it’s over! We’re back to “normal” again now.



One Response

  1. Yucky! No fun. Hang in there!!

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