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Unsocialized Schoolers

Conversation I overheard between two moms while at Tae Kwon Do:

Mom 1: My child has to walk up four flights of stairs to get to his classroom!
Mom 2: That’s horrible! Why?
Mom 1: Because they separate each grade and give the grade its own floor.
Mom 2: Oh. That makes sense.
Mom 1: Yes, it prevents the kids of different ages from fraternizing.

5 Responses

  1. That is ridiculous! It is also not surprising.

  2. Ha ha ha. Well, at least they’re admitting it?

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Totally hilarious. Wow. Too many things wrong with that one =P

  4. […] last week’s post about the ridiculous conversation I overheard between public school moms, here’s two conversations between homeschool moms in which one of the moms acts like a […]

  5. Well, you know what happens if your 2nd-grader mingles with 3rd-graders, right? End of Days. LOL!! This is one of the reasons we’re in an alternative school with mixed-age classes. To hurry forth the End of Days. ;p

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