August’s Donation: Ipas

Oops, I was late again to donate my $9 on the 9th of the month. Maybe I should just make it $10 on the 15th (which is when we receive our rent check from our house in Charlotte).

This month, after all the brouhaha with “Raperesentative” Todd Akin, I decided to donate to Ipas.

Ipas is an organization that helps prevent maternal mortality from abortions. We fight, in this country, a lot about abortion access, but there are many countries where abortion isn’t legal at all, or is highly restricted. Abortion is extremely restricted in most of Africa and South America, as well as the Middle East and some parts of Asia.

I personally choose to use birth control and not have an abortion — but that is my PRIVILEGE, and it’s a privilege that many women do not have. Even in countries where abortion is legal when a mother’s life is in danger, sometimes women are unable to obtain abortions — and the mother dies. Just this week a teenager in the Dominican Republic died after being denied chemotherapy because she was pregnant. Her life was in danger, and still doctors would not perform an abortion.

Ipas works to improve women’s access and right to safe, high-quality abortion care and reproductive health services. 

I support that, so I gave them $11 this month.



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