The Infusion

Yesterday was my iron infusion at Rex. Infusions are done at the cancer center, so of course I took full advantage of this:


I arrived, feeling sad because everyone else there was having chemo treatments and they were old and sick.

The extremely intense and earnest young nurse had a hard time sticking me, despite my beautiful veins.


But eventually she got me set up. She is a cancer survivor herself, who credits god with saving her.

She really liked god.

How much did she like god?

Well THIS happened:

I overheard her talking to another patient about a movie he was watching. She said, I actually took a bar-tending class. Before Christ came into my life.


Meanwhile, back in the land of SCIENCE and EVOLUTION, I got a dose of Benadryl. Then I got a test dose of iron. The Benadryl is to mitigate any potential allergy to iron. According to My Chemical Romance, iron is a common allergen (like nickel or zinc). I tried to stay awake — I had a portable DVD player and several scratched DVDs, and also my iPad and Netflix.

20120808-211750.jpgCasablanca and Benadryl!

I managed to fight it off until after the test dose, and then for another hour while the nurse took my vitals every 15 minutes, making sure I was okay. Then she started the three-hour infusion. I took this picture, had a little panic attack and the next thing I remember is the nurse waking me up, telling me I was done.


I was still in a bit of a haze from the Benadryl, so I sat there for a few minutes before I left. I went outside and while I waited for my car I signed a cancer-fighting cow. I would say this was part of the Benadryl haze, but I have photographic evidence it exists.

20120808-213408.jpgI’m standing right by the tail.

Overall, I liked the chairs better at the Charlotte infusion center, and the fact that every chair had a tv hooked up to it. However, the Rex infusion center had available DVD players and DVDs (sample title: Better Off Dead), as well as better nourishment. And obviously the chairs didn’t stop me from falling asleep for three hours.

I have no idea why a nurse talked about god hating bartenders I felt a little panicky during the infusion. It was almost IV-agoraphobia. I was thinking about the iron coursing through my veins for THREE HOURS and that freaked me out. I was going to ask for more Benadryl, but I fell asleep instead.

20120808-214045.jpgKind of looks like Coke

I’m hopeful that this brings up my ferritin, and I can maintain it by taking my iron pills.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for this! My doctor has suggested iron infusions to me and I’m a bit panicky.

  2. Seriously, “Better Off Dead?”

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