My Conflicting Theories on the Kristen Stewart Thing

1. She’s 22 years old. 22-year-olds do stupid, pointless, ridiculous things.

2. She’s 22 — she’s old enough to know better!

20120731-125149.jpgCan you believe that gurl?!?!?!?

3. She has a real thing for men with whom she works in movies.

4. But who DOESN’T have a thing for Robert Pattinson?!?!?! How could she cheat on Cedric Diggory?!?!?!

5. Perhaps she’s acting out from fear or a sense of self-sabotage. That would not be unheard of for a young woman.

20120731-125323.jpgI know nothing about this self-sabotage of which you speak.

6. HE HAS A WIFE AND CHILDREN. This is never okay!

7. His wife played HER MOTHER in a movie. Icky icky icky.

8. Yes, he has a lot of culpability. He chose to engage in this behavior despite having a wife and children.
20120731-125632.jpgWon’t somebody think of the children?!?!?

9. He is old enough to be her father. And I don’t mean that in a Kentucky father sort of way.

10. It was incomprehensibly
stupid to cheat in public. She’s very famous. Paparazzi are ruthless. With social media being what it is, how did they expect not to get caught?

Of course, I feel the most sympathy for Liberty Ross, his wife. The kids might never find out but she will always know.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t care about K.S. but I love the pix of Zesty in her sunhat!

  2. uh no..the kids will know. (even if they stay together.) cant keep a story like that down.

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