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A Week of Gluten-Free Living

I did not intend to go gluten-free. Mineral is gluten-free, and at first I was so freaked out about the idea — the idea being KEPT AWAY FROM GLUTEN — that I cooked separately for him. But after a while I realized that there’s plenty of gluten-free junk food (Kettle potato chips, Chex cereal, Hershey bars) as well as Bob’s Red Mill that makes gluten-free flour items.

And also, I feel AWESOME when I eat gluten-free.

I feel the OPPOSITE of this!

Last weekend I went to visit Miss Manners. She started a diet months ago: low-calorie and low-carb. Eventually she switched to paleo and then wheat-free, and she’s currently completely grain-free. She’s down about 50lbs! She looks amazing! Miss Manners has been suggesting for months that I go gluten-free; she thought it might be the source of some medical problems I’m having…

Also, it seems like half the people I know are either gluten-free or primal or paleo or sugar free or whatever. It’s like flour and simple carbs are the new Jeffrey Dahmer. 

So I decided to try it, because I knew that eating gluten-free would be easy at Miss Manners house. In fact, finding a glutenous substance would be more surprising than finding chickens up in trees.

Why? Just, why?

Gluten-free really isn’t that hard, other than the bread thing (which is a BIG other than). And I think you just can’t substitute — it tastes too fake and weird if you’ve eaten bread anytime in the last month or two. You just have to avoid it. I’m hoping any cravings for bread will soon go away.

Meanwhile, I just had some blood labs drawn, and my thyroid is a hot mess — and my iron is even mess-er. My ferritin level is FOUR, which means I’m about as alive as this lovely dead starfish

Need… more… iron…

Low ferritin is a sign of severe iron-deficiency, which is related to my weight-loss surgery. I just don’t absorb iron very well. I was severely iron-deficient while pregnant with Cousin It, and got iron infusions 3x/week for a couple months. I think I’m heading back in that direction. I’m waiting on some more lab results, and then I’ll see a local hematologist for this:

Getting iron two years ago in Charlotte.

4 Responses

  1. About 10 days ago, I had a break through in conquering my emotional eating and I went sugar, dairy and wheat free. I feel so good I can’t stand myself!! I am not sure if I am eating any gluten or not but when you cut out the wheat, I think that takes cares of about 90% of it. Sorry to hear about the low iron, take care of yourself!

  2. Yikes. This sounds scary. =S I tried GF for my ADHD kidlet and it didn’t make a lick of difference. But I think maybe I didn’t try it for long enough? Anyways, I was aMAZEd by how much gluten we eat without realizing it!!! I sure like bread, though. And oatmeal. Grrr….

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