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Scenes from a Weekend Visit to Charlotte

Actually, I was just across the border, in Fort Mill.

I wore my newest pair of ugly comfortable shoes!20120722-205807.jpg
With mismatched socks, because I had to fug them up some more!

I always bring Cousin It because she’s attached and still nursing, but this time I also brought My Masterpiece and The Informant. 20120722-205856.jpg
They slept for the first hour, fought with each other for the second hour and complained about being hungry for the last hour. I took this pic while at a red light!

I was reunited with my birthday necklace from my friend Sarah, which I had left at Miss Manners’ house during my last visit. 20120722-210128.jpg
(Isn’t the necklace beautiful? Such a thoughtful gift, I love it!)

Miss Manners had to run an errand to a big bad warehouse store I haven’t shopped in for nearly five years.20120722-210338.jpg
We took the opportunity for a photo op with my online friend Tracey Garvis Graves’ bestseller, On the Island!

Saturday, Cousin It was wide awake at 6:30am.
I’m not a morning person.

But! Later I got to see my Jugs and their adorable little Juglets!
Cousin It looks at Stitches and Cross-Stitch (which I like better as a nickname than mini-Stitches.)

We were celebrating another Juglet’s birthday, little Eat, who turned three! I was there when he was born. I took pictures then too.
Nice-Nice was multitasking: nursing Nice^3 and blowing out candles.

For dinner we had a delicious gluten-free meal: zucchini carbonara!
20120722-211624.jpg(I have been gluten-free since Friday, will write about it later this week.)

I intentionally spent some alone time with The Informant. 20120722-211753.jpgShe needed some TLC.

During Game night with all the Jugs, we caught sight of a new trick Miss Manners’ free-roaming chickens learned: tree-climbing (or flying).20120722-212221.jpgThe obvious answer is, To get to the other side, right?

The next afternoon, while I made a quick Target run, I was reminded why you should never leave Miss Manners in charge of a gaggle of children.
20120723-064705.jpgBecause this will ensue.

And no weekend would be complete without Cousin It sleeping. 20120722-212421.jpgWith her shoes on, of course.

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