Bucket List, Month Two: Help Lily

Remember my 33rd birthday bucket list? Particularly the $9 on the 9th of each month? Well, month two found me late — again — so I gave $10.

I donated to support an online family I “know” in Colorado, through her indiegogo campaign Help Lily.

Lily is a six-year-old girl who contracted RSV virus, a respiratory infection, as a baby. While ill, Lily had seizures and went without oxygen for a long period of time. This caused brain damage, vision and hearing loss, gi issues and also very fragile bones. Here is her Facebook page, Help Lily Mathis.

Her bones are an urgent concern — getting Lily from her special wheelchair into the car has caused several breaks, even when her caretakers are gentle. So Lily’s parents are trying to raise funds to buy a wheelchair van.

I really love reading Lily’s mom’s posts on Facebook; she seems pretty amazing. One of Kathryn’s other children — there are five kids in the family — has some special needs, and they also deal with food intolerances. And a toddler. Meanwhile, Kathryn is an incredible advocate for her children and she never complains. I’m sure she’s not Supermom, but she seems to take things in stride in a way I really admire.

I donated $10 to Help Lily — and you can too!

Next weekend I also plan to return to volunteer with the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. In April and May I was recovering from my rear-end surgery — although I did participate in Stamp Out Hunger! — and in June we were in Florida during one of the kids’ days. But now things are settling down, and as long as I’m not scheduled to work during volunteer hours, I’ll be there.

20120718-074548.jpgAt the Food Bank a few months ago.


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