Obamacare Does Not Affect Me. I’m Just Crazy. (Still)

Normally, when I have issues with insurance companies, I whine that I want my Obama deathcare. However, with the passage of Obamacare, I’ve read the fine print which says

My Chemical Romance has a good job in a good capitalism-based industry, and therefore we purchase his job-based insurance that is pretty good.

So Obamacare doesn’t really affect me. Except that I am happy that those who can’t afford to buy insurance will have it! It makes me feel like our society is one that actually wants to see its members in good health! /optimist


My friend Alia agrees with me!

Current health care dilemma: I’ve been trying to see a psychiatrist here. I saw one in Charlotte, the 109-year-old Dr. L. (When a friend recommended him, she casually said, “Dr. L is a little older.” What she meant was, “Dr. L is a living mummy.”)

Dr. L prescribed Zoloft, mainly because Zoloft is the least-harmful ssri for mamas and babies. But now Cousin It is older and nurses (somewhat) less (sometimes), so I’d like to try something different. Also I don’t think Zoloft works best for me. Occasionally I ask My Chemical Romance if he thinks Zoloft is working.

“No,” he says.

“Not at all?” I ask.


“But why didn’t you mention this before?”

“Because you didn’t ask.”

“Okay. How long has it not been working, do you think?”

“A few years now, I think.”



Happy Birthday, Crazy!

So, armed with this new outlook on the last few years of my life — and my own experience — I’ve been calling local psychiatrists that are covered by my insurance.

The first one seemed fine. I was told that I’d have to provide my insurance information, and if I was covered, someone from the office would call me back to make me an appointment. Several weeks later — seriously, calling the insurance company to verify benefits takes 15 minutes — they called me back. (Luckily I have a long-standing Zoloft RX that will allow me to procrastinate on seeing a doctor for a few more months.)

Next they needed office notes from Dr. L. I called Dr. L’s office, faxed over my signature that they could release files, and had my files sent to the new psychiatrist’s office.

I got a call from the new psychiatrist’s office saying they’d received my files, and would call back to schedule me. So I waited. And waited. Finally, a few more weeks passed, and I called them. I had to spell my name twice. They couldn’t find my file. They took my phone number and said they’d call me back.

I decided to find a new new psychiatrist.


Because I’m just crazy like that!

I found one from the insurance company’s website and called. A very pleasant sounding woman answered — a person! a real person! — and apologized but there was a long delay in an appointment for a new patient. Two weeks!

If you’ve ever seen a psychiatrist, two months is not an unreasonable time to wait for a new patient appointment. They’re like the sold-out hipster musicians of doctoring. You never know how long it’s going to take to see them live.

I accepted my appointment and got the information and hung up the phone.

And then I thought, WAIT. Wait just a second. The very pleasant woman did not

1. Ask for my insurance information.

2. Ask for notes from my previous provider.

3. Ask me to fill out forms prior to the appointment.

I got an email confirmation of the appointment and checked out the website —


Finding a psychiatrist can make a sane person crazy crazy person even crazier.


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