Dog versus Guinea Pigs, Day Two

A few months ago, when we went to San Diego, some lovely moms from my homeschool group dog-sat for Maizey. In fact, my friend Angela practically begged to watch her. Angela is not insane; she’s an ARTIST. She does portraits on canvas, and then she also did this

Get in mah belly!

It’s my belly cast from Cousin It, which Jugs did when I was 40w1d pregnant, at Miss Manners’ house. Not to be confused with my henna belly tattoo, which Prom Queen did when I was 41w5d pregnant and looked like this

41w5d Pregnant henna belly likes chocolate cake!

Angela’s husband is Italian and they speak only Italian at home and their house is full of photographs and art and books and plants and food. It’s like… amazing! She’s the coolest person in Wake County, I’m certain of it.

So when she asked if we could guinea pig-sit for her, I said YES, ABSOLUTELY! Perhaps some of Angela’s creativity and artistic talent (not to mention coolness) will rub off on me!

These pics aren’t great, because the cage is right in front of a window. Pig #1 of 2.

The kids were excited, and I was too, but most excited was Maizey. Because she was under the mistaken impression that these pigs were her friends.

To that end, she sits near the cage, waiting for them to come out and play.

“How you doin?”

She walks around in front of their cage, trying to get their attention

“I said, ‘Do you come here often?'”

She tries to look at them

“Hello, in there!”

And when they refuse to engage, she gives up, and waits for them to fall at her feet.

“I’ll just lay here… Til you’re ready.”

The guinea pigs will be with us for another week.


2 Responses

  1. So the belly cast lives in the toy box?

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