Why I Hate Fireworks

Ignoring for a moment the fact that my four older children are at day camp this week with My Chemical Romance, ergo The Informant and My Masterpiece — and, honestly, My Chemical Romance — are all too tired to stay up for fireworks anyway — and yet the kids (at least) WANT TO stay up for them, so they’re disappointed/annoyed. And I don’t do fireworks, so Animal and Mineral aren’t pleased either.

Just say NO! (Flickr: Bayasaa)

First of all, fireworks are loud. They’re so loud, my baby keeps waking up so I’m writing this on my phone while she thrashes around half-asleep with my boob in her mouth. They also upset Tex, my former dog who belongs to my parents now. He’s probably hiding under a pillow right now.

Actually, cuddling with a cat is pretty scary too (Flickr: linein)

Second of all, when I was three or four, we lived in a suburban town that held a fireworks show in a park three blocks from my house. Somehow I got separated from my mom during the show. I walked home, crying and jumping out of my skin every time a firework went off because they were LOUD and BRIGHT and I COULDN’T FIND MY MOM.

I’ve hated fireworks ever since. I used to pretend not to hate them — like I used to pretend not to hate wine — but now I just own it. I hate fireworks. They’re too loud. They’re over-stimulatingly loud, in my opinion. And too bright as well. And they separate families. Fireworks are stupid. JUST SAY NO!

I did promise the kids that we would get some sparklers this weekend for them, since they all missed out on real fireworks. I’m not heartless.


4 Responses

  1. What?! Fireworks are awesome. But then, I like loud booms and stuff. Jut like my old truck that had enough bass to rattle the fillings in your teeth and make your brain vibrate. I miss that truck.

  2. I love fireworks but we missed out this year. At my Dad’s, don’t know my way around the area, and my stepmom prefers to watch fireworks on tv. Very disappointing!

  3. I hate ’em. Both of my kids (two and infant) go to bed long before they start, and then get woken up by the booms. And of course no one is decent enough to confine them to one night. No, they set them off all freaking week.

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