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The TomKat Divorce: OMG!!11!! Why?!?!?!!

And also, Anderson Cooper is gay?!?!? And Adele is pregnant?!?!?!

All of these gossip events have made me glad I have Twitter because that’s how I found out about all of them. I am not particularly adept at Twitter. I prefer Facebook for the personal-ness of it, but I guess the appeal of Twitter is the exact opposite: I can pretend I’m friends with celebs and maybe they’ll listen to me or tweet to me or something. Whee! Also, I use Hootsuite on my phone to maintain my social networks. It’s the easiest laziest way I can share with everyone — friends, blog fans and the 10 people who follow me on Twitter — that I informed Kenna Lee that I moved her book from the pile next to my bed to the pile next to my toilet where it’s now officially in rotation, and I’ve laughed so hard at her book that I actually think the scar tissue on my ass is getting more elastic! (This is a good thing, according to Miss Manners.)

She has not responded. Probably because she’s too busy googling “how to block someone on twitter” right now.

(hahahahhahah Flickr: James G. Milles. I do not think this is his original image though.)

I’ve thought Tom Cruise was a dick ever since he spoke out against psychiatric medication for women with postpartum depression. Specifically he said Brooke Shields should have tried exercise to cure her postpartum depression, rather than drugs. God, why didn’t anyone think of that?!?!?! While I’m sure that getting out of the house and walking around the block with the baby helps a new mom clear her head, I think it’s dangerous to suggest that psychiatric medication doesn’t help with postpartum depression. It’s incredibly ignorant and misinformed.

Huge props to Brooke Shields for speaking out about postpartum depression — it’s a silent problem for most women, like miscarriage. You don’t often hear about it or read about it. (Until you read about Andrea Yates or Susan Smith, who had postpartum psychosis rather than postpartum depression.) Postpartum depression is one of the reasons I first started following Heather Armstrong’s blog, because she was so outspoken about her experience. The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, writes candidly about depression as well.

Anyone who thinks that medication does not help mental illness is very suspect. Also, I think it continues to perpetuate the myth that depression, or any other mental illness, is simply a matter of PERSONAL WILL, and one can decide to get over it (or under it, perhaps?) and that’s all it takes.

So there’s that. Also, I hate the word GLIB.

Tom Cruise KNOWS THE HISTORY OF PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION, people! Listen to him! Matt Lauer is irresponsible!

Tom Cruise is getting divorced (again, for the third time), from a 33-year-old woman (again, for the third time) and part of me thinks Good for Joey Potter Kate Cruise Katie Holmes, and part of me thinks, what did she think would happen?

Tom Cruise is part of a cult religion that is… I don’t know how else to say it, except using a word I learned from my military friends in Yuma: FUBAR. And the fact that it’s FUBAR isn’t a secret, for as much as his cult religion tries to contain it or suppress it or just kills people, the interwebz knows the truth. Tom Cruise is a very active member, a very vocal supporter — and probably a huge financial donor. He was also about 40 years old when they met, or a little older — begging the question, was Katie Holmes really operating under the idea that she’d change him? Or that he would change? Come on, woman. 40-year-old men don’t change. I’m living with a 33-year-old man and it’s a daily struggle to get him to pick his socks up off the floor! 

In that vein, I’m rolling my eyes at her.

On the other hand, there’s no way in hell I’d want my kid to get more involved in that cult religion. His older two kids with his second wife are very involved, and now they barely see their mother. I wouldn’t want that for any of my children.

You’re mine! All mine!

Kate Cruise Katie Holmes is screwed. I wish her the best of luck, getting away from Tom Cruise and getting her kid away from him, but I don’t think she’ll be able to get sole legal and physical custody like she wants. Apparently, it’s just not something that judges or family courts do nowadays.

I feel the most sympathy for Suri Cruise. She’s a little younger than The Informant. It sounds like the issues between her parents — who both clearly love her — are contentious, and she’s probably going to be a victim of the fallout.


4 Responses

  1. Actually, she’s going to do better than you thought. She purposefully chose NY and got an apt there over 6 months ago to establish residency (she was planning this!!) Why NY? its one of only 2 states where the *default* court position on custody is to award full legal custody to only ONE parent, and the burden of proof is on establishing why join custody is better for the kid–not the other way around.

    Have I mentioned Katie Holmes dad is a lawyer?

    • I’ve read that but I still don’t think TC is going to let go of this and let her have Suri. The guy is CRAZY. (All the more reason Katie should have Suri.) And has way too much money.

  2. I heard she had a deal (with the church of Scientology) to stay with TC for five years … once the time ran out, she was out of there. Trying to find the article that said that, and can’t … but here is an interesting one: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/tom-cruise-katie-holmes-divorce-scientology-344687

    I’m kind of into scientology (that is to say, into researching how creepy they are, not into actually being part of it) because I was in another cult as a kid. It’s some creepy, creepy stuff.

    • I agree, totally creepy! I’ve been reading Marty Rathburn’s blog; he runs a haven for people who are leaving the cult. Oddly enough, he still considers himself a member, just isn’t into any of the weird creepy cult-like stuff.

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