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I Feel Bad for Ann Curry

First of all, I think she’s totally weird with the “everyone everyone news good morning everyone everyone morning news everyone everyone good morning” thing. Below is a 27-second clip (ignore the subtitles, which are nonsensical)

But, that said, I feel like a lot of blame gets placed on her for something that isn’t entirely her fault. Morning news shows require chemistry between the hosts, and apparently she didn’t have that with Matt Lauer and others on Today. I wish she would have gotten more of a chance to prove herself.

I actually like her. She’s kind of awkward and quirky. I appreciate that. I don’t like my newscasters too polished — I like them human. She’s definitely a human being. She’s made a lot of gaffes. I’m glad she’s being replaced with another woman — it’s the feminist in me that wants to see more women in media. Plus I think Matt Lauer is a douchecanoe. I realize I am totally in the minority on this issue, as his audience is largely female, but he seems smarmy. As your #1 gossip-obsessed blogger, I’ve read numerous reports that he’s cheated on his wife — and she even filed for divorce while pregnant with their third child — and where’s there’s smoke and a powerful man with a largely female audience, there’s probably some truth to that.

Good luck, Ann! Apparently she’s going to be doing other news things for NBC. Good luck to whoever takes your position; I hope she can stand up to the men.

This kind of brings me back to my blog about having it all (or not) — to which my friend Melissa from White Noise has enthusiastically replied several times. No, we can’t have it all. At some point, you realize you can’t have everything and be everything you want to be. At some point, you make choices and prioritize them. It’s part of being an adult.

I agree with those sentiments, but I dislike the idea that the onus of “having it all” is put upon women, while still insisting that women are the soul of the family. In our society, all it takes for a man to “have it all” is a job and a family. He isn’t required to have much, if any, balance. Hey, I’m sure Matt Lauer has it all!  The problem is that the family aspect of… life… is essentially put on women. Which seems biologically appropriate, to me, but then we expect women to put that biology aside and work and only see her kids for two hours a day (approximately) and still keep her family going AND get to the top tier of her work. That’s too much. That’s not fair. Once again, we’re adults; life isn’t fair.

I guess all I personally hope for is some understanding from EVERYONE; some sympathy and support for women who are trying to make it work, in any and all circumstances. I hope my daughters — whatever they choose to do — have it a little easier.


2 Responses

  1. I think it’s less a question of “having it all” than it is of “doing it all.” If you want to have it all, you have to do it all … and it’s too much for any one person to do. With a supportive husband, you can go pretty far in your career — but unless you completely neglect your family (as many high-powered men do), you can’t go quite to the top. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to make *everything* the top priority. Something, somewhere, is going to get done sub-optimally.

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