Almost Four Years Post Weight Loss Surgery

I weigh 145lbs, at 5’6″, and I wear a size 8 in pants and a med or large in shirts (my b00bs are kind of big, still, compared to the rest of me. They’re also deflated). My BMI is 23, which is in the normal weight range. My lowest weight, in which I kind of resembled skeletor, was 130, at which time I wore a size 4 — and they were loose — and a med in shirts. I wore a lot of shirts back then because I was freezing all the time. Below is a pic from 2009

2009: It was probably 95* out and I was cold.

I have complications. These are mostly due to the fact that a key component of my surgery is malabsorption

The most commonly quoted absorption percentages following DS are approximately 20% of fats, 60% of protein, 60% of complex carbohydrates but 100% of simple carbohydrates. The 2005 study by Gagner et al. [68] demonstrated that DS surgery decreased fat absorption by 81%

Gagner performed my surgery in 2008. I email him regularly with questions or concerns.

When I was visiting my parents, my dad asked if I regretted my surgery due to my complications. He did not specify a complication. He could have been talking about

1. Being hospitalized in 2009 for dehydration and malnutrition

2. My first butt surgery, in 2010

3. Which healed poorly and led to the most recent butt surgery, Assgate.

4. Iron-deficient anemia from malabsorption.

4. The sheer amount of time I spend in the bathroom every day.

Another complication is my gut flora, which seems to change daily — based on what I eat — so I take a probiotic called VSL3 every day to keep it in check.

Sometimes My Chemical Romance does not like sharing a bathroom with me. Sometimes I don’t blame him!

I’ve also nursed in here. Yes.

Sometimes my extra skin causes chafing that leads to sores. But there’s no way I’m ever having surgery again unless I’m in dire need.

In all, I do not regret my surgery. It’s not entirely the free pass to eat whatever I want that I hoped for. It’s not as easy and thoughtless as I want it to be. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. But I can’t say that if I’d continued at 270+ lbs, I wouldn’t have had equally-sucky complications.

Last week, when I fell completely on my ankle and broke my foot, one of my first thoughts was, I’m really glad I only weigh 145. This would be a lot worse if it happened four years ago.

Night before my surgery, in 2008.


4 Responses

  1. I had forgotten what the heavy you looked like!!! You were beautiful then and you are beautiful now–the beauty is just more compact!!!!

  2. Rock on, you look amazing!

  3. Thanks for being willing to share so openly about your journey. It makes it real.

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