A few high class problems

1. I keep losing RX. After I broke my foot, the ER gave me a RX for perco*cet and then the orthopedist gave me a RX for more. I was thinking, SCORE. I will never need to do another illegal drug again in my life — I’ll just do the ones that are legally prescribed to me. And also, for reals, my foot and ankle does hurt a lot, so I’m not just doing this to get high. (Also, My Chemical Romance has a slight problem with doing illegal things, other than speeding, turning right on red, printing things from work, keeping library kindle books on his device after they’re expired and a few other illegal things that he’s totally okay with.) I digress. So, I had a RX for approximately 80 pills and I didn’t fill them because I figured I’d do it when I had a chance — and then before the chance came, I noticed they had vanished from my purse. $@&%*^$@#!@!!!!!!!! Now I get to call the doc and explain that I’m not a junkie, I’m just a space cadet mom.

Can I just get some of the blue ones? Kthnxbai (Flickr: RambergMedialImages)

1.5 This happened about a month ago with Mineral’s ADHD medication, except I couldn’t get another RX for a few days, because his doctor is only in the office on Thursdays and I lost it on a Saturday. That was a fun few days of Mineral sans ADHD medication. That’s something I’ll never do again, I can guarantee it! (I’ll just do it with my own pills.)

2. My vacuum cleaner is broken. It’s a Riccar, which sucks way more than your vacuum cleaner does. It’s awesome on both carpet and (fake) hardwood. It’s made in the USA. And it’s a bagged vacuum, which means that when I empty it, dust particles don’t fly everywhere (thus negating any vacuuming that has been done). Luckily because it’s a Riccar and they stand by their products, I can probably find a way to get it fixed or replaced. But I only feel the need to vacuum once in a while, and I want to strike while the dust bunnies are hot!

One of these vacuums does not work (Flickr: Living in Monrovia)

3. We are looking for a new place to live in August. My Chemical Romance works in a small town that’s fairly inaccesible unless you live in the small town. We do not live in the small town. I have absolutely no desire to live in the small town. It’s small. And not in a cute small-town way, in more a sad lonely empty small town. (Kind of like the last few towns My Chemical Romance has worked in. Something about chemicals speaks to small dumpy towns, whether in this country or Mexico.) Because it’s inaccessible, we live in Raleigh, right off a highway that he takes for 35 miles til he’s at work. But it’s so far north of the town! We would both like his commute a bit shorter (without moving to small town) and also, living here is much more expensive. We’re paying more to rent our house here that’s small and has no backyard than to own our house in Charlotte that’s over 2000sf and on 1/3 of an acre. Yet we can’t buy — I don’t think Raleigh is our last stop. Anyway, we’re looking in a town that’s is affectionately referred to as Fvckway-V@gina. Yes. Yes. But no. No. We went and looked a few houses there yesterday, and I’ve decided the best course of action is simply to cut our food bill by not eating and stay in our expensive house.

But I need a place to see MAGIC MIKE! (Flickr: Nomadic Lass)

These are Tuesday ramblings.


3 Responses

  1. My ADHD doc has worse ADHD than me so he’s usually the one messing up the prescription and then mailing me the new one. Which I lose, find again, lose, find again, lose, and finally fill, only to lose the bottle, find it again, lose it again, etc. etc. And I cannot for the love of gawd find a pair of scissors in my own house because the little people that share my house with me are constantly running off with them. I have three pairs of titanium scissors, a pair of old-school metal scissors, a pair of hair trimming scissors, and no fewer than 4 herb scissors/pruners and ALL of them are missing at any given point. ALL of them. Gaaaah!!!

    The good thing is that I’ve somehow trained my 8-yo to find my iPhone and wallet, neither of which I can ever keep track of for more than 5 minutes. We collectively have about 8 hairbrushes and 20 tubes of chapstick because these things actually get up and move around on their own. I do a load of laundry plus an hour of housework each day (more on the weekends) and the place is still ALWAYS a disaster, so trying to look for anything is pointless. So, you’re definitely not alone!

  2. Also a scattery, lose the most important Rx’s mom here! ZOMG. I drive myself nuts. But really, I have four kids! I totally blame them. =)

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