My Romance with My Chemical Romance

Next month I’ll celebrate nine years of marriage to My Chemical Romance. If we’re still married at that point. HA!

(Flickr: Lel4nd)

So maybe you’re wondering how we met and ended up in Raleigh with five kids and a tank full of fish and Maizey, the dog without a downside. Well, nine years is a lot to cover in one blog post, so I’ll start with some details.

1. We met online to be exact. Yes. One day his picture popped up when I went to the home page, and in it he had a look of I’m-cute-but-I-don’t-know-I’m-cute, which can be more aptly described as sheepish. I contacted him via a “note” and he messaged me back.

2. I didn’t think much of his message except his name stuck out
I had a dog named Dustin when I was a kid. It was a horrible little terrier who never fully house-trained. We ended up giving him away.

Dustin was not this cute. (Flickr: Iflwflw)

3. We got married two months after we met
I was pretty clear from the start that I wanted to get married — specifically to a man who would be a good provider for the boys and me. I meant that in every sense, not just financially. I also wanted a big family. It’s one of the only things we’ve continued to agree on!

4. My parents hired a private investigator to check him out
Because that is what you do when your only child wants to marry someone she’s only known for two months, who lives across the country in a place you have always forbid her from living, due to the earthquakes. And also, she wants you to pay for the wedding.

They checked every nook and cranny. (Flickr: Erin C Bryan)

5. He used to bring me home flowers every Friday evening
At least, until poinsettia-gate, in which I became convinced that he was trying to poison the boys via those ugly little Christmas plants. I may have overreacted a bit. Now I get flowers every once in a while, from the grocery store.

Bitch, I will poison you. (Flickr: ewen and donabel)


3 Responses

  1. Hahaha!! I remember the poinsettia!! You DEFINITELY overreacted. I think I still tell that story to this day to some people. 🙂

  2. I called poison control once when one of my babies ate some poinsetta leaves~ they were kind, but sorta laughed. Apparently it’s more of the rash type of poisonous, and not the death kind of poisonous? Or maybe just if you eat pounds of leaves, lol. I freaked. The poison control guy said they get lots of calls from panicked parents around christmastime, concerning ingested poinsetta leaves.
    Congrats on 9 years!! =)

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