No More Complaining About Surgery

Because now I have something new to complain about: A BROKEN FOOT!

How much do I wish I were kidding? I’m not.


Last night I was headed out to Yuppies With Puppies, where I, married mom of five, am considered the token mommy freak. They are all single professional women, most of whom are attorneys and saleswomen, and they have kittens. We stare at each other from across the (expensive, fancy) restaurant table and avoid sudden movements.

At first I wasn’t sure about Yuppies With Puppies, but now I like them. They are all intelligent, interesting women, and they eat well. I enjoy being the token freak — and they’re my go-to for legislative questions. They told me a few months ago that John Edwards wouldn’t be found guilty. You can’t legislate being a blowhole.

Anyway, in my haste to GET AWAY FROM MY FAMILY, I rushed out the door and tripped, falling down a step and landing with all of my weight on my ankle. I didn’t hear anything snap or break, but I was sure I’d broken my ankle. I screamed for My Chemical Romance, who was inside the house, dealing with a screaming Cousin It, who does NOT LIKE IT when mommy walks away.

Be gentle with me from now on, kids. Leave the dog-piling to dad.

He came outside and I sat there, trying to decide what to do. He suggested I stay home and ice my ankle and I laughed. After a few minutes the pain abated enough for me to leave, and I drove off, wondering how I would feel in the morning.

I had a drink with dinner, and it was a great Mexican place in Durham, and we talked about The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. We also talked about North Carolina’s Amendment 1 and how ridiculous it is, and we talked about their jobs and my kids — and I showed some of them the Obama “Call Me Maybe” video on YouTube. (It’s hilarious, check it out!) I was the only one who had dessert.

By the time I left, my ankle was really hurting. It was a constant, dull pain. I called My Chemical Romance and asked if he’d take me to Urgent Care the next day, but he suggested I just go straight to the ER.

After all, between Mineral’s ADHD and therapies and my but surgery, we don’t pay much out-of-pocket for insurance anymore.

So I went, got some X-rays and was diagnosed with a broken foot. Ankle looks okay, which surprised me. The ER does not put plaster casts on unless there’s an orthopedic surgeon available — which there wasn’t at 11pm — so I got a half-plaster, half ace wrap cast, and some crutches. Today I’m seeing an orthopedic surgeon to get a real cast.

Sorry, Informant. No swimming for mommy this summer.

My foot hurts. I’m never going to be able to keep up with my kids and my house while in a cast. I plan to complain about this for a while.


4 Responses

  1. What Mexican place in Durham? I am from Roxboro, NC in Person County.

  2. Shoot! Total bummer!! Heal soon….

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