Mom Avoids Reading

Once I asked my friend Sin-D if she read books. This is a totally legitimate question. Some people do not read books — in fact, Miss Manners’ brother-in-law, who is one of the smartest people she knows, rarely reads books, according to Miss Manners’ sister. My friend Sin-D said she did not, because she gets too engrossed in them and can’t be a good mother when she’s stayed up all night reading Twilight 50 Shades of Grey On the Island. I totally get that — I just don’t care about being a good mother!

In all seriousness, other than a few bright shining books, I have not been reading as much as I normally do. The biggest problem is not the fact that I have kids (and therefore no time to read) but avoiding reading about other peoples’ kids.

Yes. YES. It’s the same reason I don’t watch Nanny 911 or a Baby Story — or Clean Sweep — I live that life every day. I don’t need to see it on television. Or read about it.

My life. Minus the food fights.

Nor do I want to read about grieving parents, sick kids, bad marriages, or anything that might fill me with torment. You know?

This doesn’t typically inspire a lot of guilt, except when I have a bunch of books I SHOULD read. Like, the ADHD books that Mineral’s therapist recommended. Like, the John Holt books I picked up at a homeschool curriculum fair. Like, the book that my online friend Kenna Lee sent me, which I’ve read a chapter or two of, called A Million Tiny Things. It’s awesome — Kenna is SUCH a gifted writer, she really makes the mundane very interesting and she makes being “crunchy” very accessible to everyone. But I just can’t read it right now.

I’m just too busy. Ha.

Kenna sent it to me after reading something I’d written for a Carnival of Natural Parenting a few months ago, and I was so flattered because she said she LOVED MY WRITING. Squee! Duh. She asked if I’d read it and write about it. Bien sur! And meanwhile, it’s been sitting next to my bed, staring at me for the last two months. Finally I emailed her and explained that while I loved the 30 or 40 pages I’d read, I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to read it. I had a feeling Kenna would get it. And she did. She wrote back explaining that it sounds like I’m simply experiencing the Pre-Perimenopause of My Discontent (TM). (Actually she said it sounded like the Perimenopause of My Discontent [TM] but I’m obviously way too young for that!) And she said DO NOT READ IT.

You would think, in some reverse psychological way, this would inspire me to read it but no. Still sitting by my bed. Next to The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Caleb’s Crossing.

Mineral reads for me.

I am still reading for book clubs — I’ve decided that I actually like Yuppies with Puppies! — but other than that, I’m waiting for a wave of inspiration before I continue reading words on paper (or e-devices). However, please leave me some recommendations if you’ve read something amazing that I’ll enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. Perfume by Patrick Suskind is a must read…but alas I am also not reading anything at the moment

  2. I go through cycles with reading. Right now I don’t have any books that I am reading but I seem to be very into reading blogs, magazines, and random articles mostly about unschooling and natural living. At some point I will get my book bug back but for now I am sticking with the quicker reads. Personally, I most enjoy historical fiction and have loved the books by Allison Weir about the Tudors.

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