In Which Family Trips Make Me Sick

Here I am in Florida. I brought really cute shorts that have no stains yet, and we made excellent time on the drive. We, in this case, is my mom and me. My Chemical Romance is at a work conference on the west coast. I planned this trip so that the kids and I would have something to do while he’s gone. And they do: everyone is in a weeklong day camp. Mineral is in computer/logic/math camp, Animal is in sports camp, The Informant is in art camp and My Masterpiece is at half-day YMCA camp. Then she comes home and naps and then everyone else comes home and goes swimming.


Cousin It and I spend our days being sick.

A few days before we left, Animal broke out in a lacy rash on his arms and legs. I actually took him to the doctor, who diagnosed him with the end of Fifths Disease aka human parvovirus. It’s a common childhood virus that begins with a cold and ends with the lacy rash. By the rash stage, you’re no longer contagious. The doctor said that I should take note, just in case the other kids got it. Sure enough, Cousin It started with a cold on Saturday and broke out in the rash on Tuesday.


She’s in a pretty good mood but just wants to sleep.

And I have the pre-rash cold. Ugh! It’s just a cold, but it’s a really annoying cold. My whole body hurts, I just want to sleep too. Thankfully, since the kids are in camp, I get a chance to nap and my mom has been taking care of picking everyone up. Thanks, Bubbie!

This is the second time I’ve visited and gotten some kind of bad sickness: last time it was a slight case of a colorectal issue that inevitably led to my recent intimate moments with Dr. Assropractor. I suppose there’s some latent psychological issue that caused me to have but issues, but the Fifths is a simple virus and it sucks. My Chemical Romance arrives tomorrow and we’re driving home on Saturday and I’m crossing my fingers that I’m well by then — and that the other kids avoid this!


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