Facebook Likes: Can You Read Me Now? Good.

Lately there has been a lot of uproar about Facebook’s new changes for pages. I have a page for this blog, with all of 152 fans (and remember: at 250, a new giveaway, of something I’ve made! Sorry, my children do not count) and my blogs automatically post there when they go live on wordpress. Apparently my fan page is no longer showing up in the Facebook News Feed unless you have specifically interacted with my page (you haven’t, unless you’re Miss Manners) or request to see it in your feed (ditto).


This is causing a lot of outrage among Facebook page-owners over the idea of losing fans — or at the least, not reaching fans.

To which I say, Oh, come on!

I agree that having a Facebook page is a nice, easy and convenient way to publicize my material. But the thing is, I only want to publicize if something I’ve written is worth publicizing. Sometimes that happens — and when it does, I might try to create a little more buzz, and encourage people to share it — but if not, feel free to skim or skip a day or two.

I will keep on writing.

My online friend Tracey Garvis Graves is experiencing a huge amount of success right now. You may have heard me mention a book she wrote called “On the Island.” (If you haven’t read about it here, perhaps the title sounds familiar because it’s a bestseller for Amazon, USA Today and The New York Times.) She continues to express gratitude towards those who have read and enjoyed On the Island (aka, everyone) and she’s surprised by her success.

And yet, she’s successful mainly because On the Island is such a beautiful, moving, incredibly well-written book!

My aim is not to write a bestseller (maybe someday), but to write a good blog about patenting, having a big family, colorectal surgery, natural birth and Teen Mom gossip. A blog I can proudly stand behind, that most days can make my readers chuckle, or empathize.

I’m not worried about losing readers. If I write well, and often — I aim for five new blogs per week — you will read. If you read, you’ll continue reading, you’ll share my writing and the world will be filled with goodness and rainbows and stickers-on-shirts-that-I-remember-to-remove-prior-to-washing, so the shirts don’t end up in my back in my drawer with a patch of that sticky residue.


Comments? Thoughts? Streams of Consciousness?

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